Top 5 Most Successful Shinty Teams in Senior Cup Competitions

Feet and Away has ranked each club by their total collection of senior cup winners medals, including The Camanachd Cup, The Macaulay Cup and either The MacTavish Cup or the Glasgow Celtic Society Cup (GCSC) depending on the teams location. Of course The MacTavish or the Glasgow Celtic Society doesn’t quite match the Camanachd in terms of competition, so it’s difficult to compare the two when looking at over all success. Having acknowledged that the success of a side is to some extent subjective, Feet and Away has decided that  that the best objective approach would be an over all silverware count.

We’ve attempted to keep it as fair as possible, but let us know who your top five most successful shinty clubs would be and why.

5 – Oban Camanachd


Camanachd Cup – 3

Macaulay Cup – 5

Glasgow Celtic Society Cup – 20

Total – 28

Oban Camanachd have always been a predominant force in the south and have proven that this year with their success in the GCSC. Having made plenty finals in recent years Oban Camanachd have been unlucky not to win another Scottish. A known giant killer in the Premiership, Oban Camanachd are well deserving of their 28 trophies and narrowly miss out on a spot in fourth place.

4 – Inveraray


Camanachd Cup – 4

Macaulay Cup – 3

Glasgow Celtic Society Cup – 22

Total – 29

A side with strong roots, Inveraray have always been competing at the highest level. Despite a struggle in recent years they’ve won the Camanachd cup four times which shouldn’t be over looked. The sides contention for the GCSC is what drags the club into the number four spot, and will have to keep pushing if they want to stay there.

3 – Kyles Athletic


Camanachd Cup – 21

Macaulay Cup – 12

Glasgow Celtic Society Cup – 33

Total – 66

More familiar with the Camanachd than those stated previously Kyles have won a Scottish in almost every decade since the competition began. The club has won their fair share of senior cups and is noticeably the most successful force in the South having won 66 titles over all.

2 – Kingussie

Camanachd Cup – 23

Macaulay Cup – 25

MacTavish Cup – 28

Total – 76

Kingussie play host to arguably the best team to have ever played the game, and went unchallenged as the dominant team throughout the late 90s, winning 10 Camanachd Cups between 1990 and 2003. The Club’s most noticeable success came in the league where they won 20 titles in a row. However, this article is focussed on the success in cup competitions and not the league, leaving Kingussie second best to their rivals from along the road, Newtonmore.

1 – Newtonmore


Camanachd Cup – 33

Macaulay Cup – 11

MacTavish Cup – 42

Total = 86

Having won 10 more Camanachd Cups than second place Kingussie, Newtonmore are by far the most successful team in senior cup competitions. Newtonmore have dominated for multiple decades but particularly during the 70’s and 80’s where they won 12 Camanachd Cups, 6 Macaulays and 15 MacTavishes. Despite a dry spell of 20 years or so they’ve now returned to winning ways having won the last 3 Camanachd Cups and 4 MacTavishes. 

Honorable Mentions

Fort William


Camanachd Cup – 6

Macaulay Cup – 2

MacTavish Cup – 3

Total – 11

Although not historically successful Fort William took over from Kingussie as the dominant team in the late 2000’s making 8 Camanachd Cup finals in a row and winning 5 of them. Many players left the game having won every senior medal possible, having nudged Fort William up the table in shintys most successful clubs.


Unlucky not to have bagged more silverware, Lovat are more than familiar with cup finals. Having made 3 of the last 4 Camanachd Cup finals and winning one of them in 2015, Lovat are certainly a side which possess a huge threat to any team in the modern era.


Camanachd Cup – 2

Macaulay Cup – 2

MacTavish Cup – 8

Total – 12

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