Glen Tonkin – Head Above The Water

TRIGGER WARNING – This content contains sensitive information and may be triggering to some. Bit of a longer one this time but we hope that you can appreciate the depth given and watch through till the end.

The festive period can be an extremely difficult time for many and, given the challenging new restrictions the United Kingdom is now faced with, the message of this piece is more vital than ever. This year has been mentally taxing to an extent which many people aren’t equipped to cope with. Suicide rates have continuously increased as people suffering have become physically and emotionally fragmented from their friends and family.

This video was produced with the intention to highlight that those in crisis are not alone and to encourage our communities not to suffer in silence. It’s essential that during these times of need that people care for their mental wellbeing and take the first step in seeking help, be it through friends, family or an industry professional.

For free, confidential and anonymous support text SHOUT to 85258

I can’t begin to express enough gratitude and respect to Glen Tonkin for placing himself in such a vulnerable position in hope that he can encourage others to actively address their mental health. The filming of this project began in September 2019. COVID-19 guidelines were adhered to throughout.

Music: Gary Innes – Chasing Daylight

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